The Kumac file

The last.kumac file is a very handy thing that PAW generates automatically. When you quit a
PAW session PAW will write all the commands and parameters from the last session to this file,
it's almost like a logfile. But this is a very special logfile because it is executable!!

When you return to do a PAW session you may want to continue where you left the last time.
Then you simply have to write:

PAW> exec last

which will execute the last.kumac file and thereby rerun all the commands and parameters given
to PAW during the last session. But notice that PAW will delete the old last.kumac file when
you quit the new session!! It is always the last session that is written on the last.kumac file. So if
you want to save a particular session you must copy your last.kumac into a different file before
quitting the new PAW session!

You can do another interesting thing with kumac-files. By editing the contents you can make
"command shells" that do very complex things in your PAW session. If you need to make many
histograms with just some minor differences, you can simply type the "recipy" of making one
histogram into a myhisto.kumac file and then edit this file to correspond with the desired
outcome. Then simply type exec myhisto in voila!