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The command structure in PAW

PAW is based on KUIP (Kit for a User Interface Package) which can provide different types of
dialogue styles:

    Command mode - the user enters a command via the terminal keyboard
    Alphanumeric menu mode - the user enters a character from a menu
    Graphics menu modes - Pull down etc (not used at UiO)

The general PAW command looks like this:

PAW> command parameters

    The first part, command, has the format of object/verb where object is the item
(HISTOGRAM, VECTOR, NTUPLE etc) on which you perform the action verb (CREATE,
    The second part, parameters, will give input to the command and the position of the
individual parameters in the list of parameters is crucial and determine their meaning.

As an example: This will create a one dimensional histogram with ID 20, title "title" and x-values
ranging from 10 to 20:

PAW> histogram/create/1dhisto 20 title ! 10. 20.

In PAW all commands can be abbreviated to their shortest unambigous form, so the command
above can be retyped:

PAW> hi/cr/1d 20 title ! 10. 20.